God chose you

16 You did not choose Me but I chose you, John 15: 16 (NASB)

My heart skips a beat as I realize Jesus Christ chose me.

He chose me before I knew him.

He chose me before I did right or wrong.

He chose me before COVID-19 happened and he still chooses me after it is gone.

As I see myself through his eyes, I also see that he chose you. This blessing that he gave me is the blessing that he gave you. You and I are included together in his blessing.

I learned this through a dream God gave me.

In this dream, I brought my two boys to Christ to be blessed. I was holding them in my arms and felt fatherly pride that I could bring them to Jesus for blessing.

After he welcomed us, he took my boys into his embrace. I saw the joy on his face. But all of a sudden I felt left out of his love and joy for my boys. So sharp was the feeling, that I began to turn my back and proceed to walk away.

It was then that he put his hand on my shoulder and said to my spirit, ‘Where are you going?!’

In that moment three things happened…

My feeling of rejection died. I felt part of his team.

I felt deeply connect to him more than ever.

I was not apart from the love and joy he gave my boys. I was included in that love!

When I woke up that feeling of deep connection did not leave me. It now rests in me.

This year many of us have felt excluded. Because of the code red restrictions we have felt excluded. Some more than others. This inequality makes some of us feel rejected and in pain. It makes us feel that some are getting special treatment; that God is playing favourites.

To that our Lord puts his hand on our shoulder and says ‘Where are you going?! I love you with the same love!’

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